The Robot #loveinvasion

Matthew Del Degan, Artist and Designer, created Lovebot four years ago as the ultimate symbol of love fabricated by concrete (to represent the concrete jungle it emerged from.) Lovebot is at the forefront of the movement called the Love Invasion, which aims to evoke a sense of wonder in the hearts and lives of people around the world, emanating from Lovebot’s home city of Toronto.

The Love Invasion involves placement of over one hundred hand-cast concrete Lovebots throughout the City of Toronto. Furthermore, stickers are placed in various locations around the world, made possible by Lovebot’s devoted followers wishing to spread love.

Love Invasion is the first of Matthew’s projects created under The Sandbox Society Inc., that was initiated to encourage Torontonians to reflect on their surroundings and become thankful for the small, good deeds that constantly go unnoticed. Lovebot’s mission is to raise awareness of and reinforce the idea that we are all part of a community, and in turn, spread love and compassion to our neighbours, friends, family, co-workers, and fellow citizens.

Lovebot reiterates the fact that we have the privilege of being human, where we are not restricted to programming; many of us work like robots in this technologically driven concrete jungle. However, humans are not robots and they have the capacity to share love and kindness with one another.

By placing something meaningful and unique in people’s paths, Lovebot creates a novel, uplifting experience for Torontonians. Lovebot wants to disrupt people’s daily routines and remind them that there is magic in this city and love around every corner, aiming to illuminate the love that exists within Toronto and inspire more.

Go out there, find love, and find Lovebot… they’re out there waiting for you!

*also called the Lovebot Invasion or Robot Love Invasion

Matthew Del Degan